Chuck Ortman



I was born in Buffalo. Our family eventually left to Kenmore, then 2 moves in New Jersey, then back to West Seneca, and finally landed in Lewiston. I graduated from Lew-Port in 1971 and enlisted in the Air Force in October of 1972 with a career of 25 years and 7 days. I have had various jobs including being a mechanic at Frontier Bowling Center, gardener at Fantasy Island, servicing aircraft at Niagara Falls International airport, and then 15 years at Carborundum.

As for coming to God and this church it all started at my brother Russ’s memorial service. I had a lot of different emotions happening all at once. I figured out later the Holy Spirit had a hold of me. At the end of the service Pastor Tom offered me a booklet called “Joining the Family”. The following week my nephew Steve asked me to join the family at church. Again, the Holy Spirit was working me over, and I did come that Sunday. I was very comfortable being there and have been coming since then. After a lot of reading, questioning, and prayers, the Spirit said it was time to surrender all to the Lord. In November of 2014, I repented and received the Lord as my personal Savior.