Dan Whitton



I came to a saving faith in Jesus Christ in my mid 30’s. I was married, had four children, a mortgage and a good job that I saw as “cash of life”. The crutches I was leaning upon in my life were taken away from me one at a time. My father, whom I was very close to passed away at a young age. I lost my job, The money I had saved was quickly gone, the 401K retirement, gone. I could not find work, the bills were piling up and the utilities were being cut off. We as a family had no food in the refrigerator or kitchen cupboards. The Lord had taken me to a place of almost complete destitute when one cold winter night I broke a tooth. My ego was so strong that it took the complete removal of all my physical possessions’ and finally physical pain of a broken tooth to bring me to a place of submission to the Savour. It was there I asked Jesus to come into my heart and be my savior.

It has been an adventure. We have moved to the United State of America and become citizens of this great county. We have watched all of our children marry godly spouses and now a new generation of grandchildren is the latest blessing of our heavenly Father.

I believe my family and I have been called to NFBC to serve with this body of believers. My wife and I are hearing a calling to help and teach a parenting class within NFBC and help in other ministries as He leads.