Mary Bugay

Mary Bugay

Communications Coordinator


I was “baptized” Lutheran, “raised” Presbyterian, “married” Episcopalian and my husband was catholic where I attended the Christmas Eve Service. I guess you could say, with regard to the whole “religious circuit” I have been there, done that and got the T-shirt. I praise God for the churches He led me to. He had a purpose for each one as he continued to draw me to himself.

In 1976 my husband’s brother Mike and wife Bonnie began to “witness” to the WHOLE family of their new relationship with Jesus Christ and invited us to attend their church. On June 21, 1976 THEY invited THEIR Pastor to visit our home. It was then that I learned God’s plan for me; that Jesus died on the cross to pay the penalty for my sin and not only mine but for the whole world and it was my sin that separated me from a Holy God and my sin that would keep me from entering His Holy Heaven. I believed in my heart that there was a heaven and often prayed that there was no hell. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt between the two places I definitely would choose to go to heaven so I repented of my sin and trusted Jesus’ death on the cross to wash away my sin and make me “white as snow” before a Holy God. At that moment God no longer saw my sin but His Son. The weight of the world was lifted off of my shoulders and the emptiness I felt in my heart was filled with His Spirit.

I began to attend Calvary Baptist Church and was saturated with the truth of God’s Word for the very first time. “What…Jesus, you were with God before the foundation of the world (not just born as a baby on Christmas)!” “Jesus you are God in the flesh?” Scripture proved to me over and over again the truth about God and I began to grow in my faith.

I began attending Niagara Frontier Bible Church in April of 1991 a place where I continued to be saturated in the Word; but little did I know God was beginning to reveal a new dimension in my relationship with Him. I began to learn of His wonderful grace and mercy. “God did it all? and I no longer had to strive? but rest in my Lord to complete the work He had begun in my life?” God loves me unconditionally and accepts me just the way I am as He works each day to make me more like His Son. I pray that my life will be lived in a way that is pleasing to my Lord and Savior knowing fully that all I am, and ever hope to be I owe all to my Heavenly Father.

Church Office:
What a privilege it is to serve. I believe God called me to the church office in August 1991 as I sat rocking in my chair on my patio asking God, “Well here I am God what would you have me do next?” The following Sunday in the church bulletin there was an announcement looking for a church secretary. I applied for the job and the rest is “His Story”. To God Be the Glory. I always pray that the church office is a place that radiates the love of God and is a place that all feel welcomed, safe, accepted and cared about.

My Favorite Verse
Psalm 37:4 “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.