Sam-Torcasio 4-3

Sam Torcasio

Assistant Pastor


God works all things for good in the lives of those He loves (Rom 8:28), and I have found this so very true in my lifetime and time again. I distinctly remember when I was young my Dad quoting Jesus saying, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no man comes to the Father but by Me” (John 14:6). This greatly struck me at the time; I was perplexed by the idea that there could only be one way to heaven considering all the religions that there were in the world. As I started to read the Bible and listen more to biblical preachers I began to have a sense of the enormity of my sin. I maintained a belief in God but I resisted this conviction of sin for some time, until finally during my senior year of high school I repented before God and turned to Christ for forgiveness. I realized that Jesus Christ must be the Lord of my life, and I completely surrendered to Him.

I eventually found my way to a conservative Bible-believing church and I began to grow further in my understanding of Christ, and my joy in Him was abundant. The name of that church was Niagara Frontier Bible Church! Mr. and Mrs. Larson, one of the founding members of NFBC, were instrumental in helping me to understand the basic doctrines of the Christian faith.

During this time, I also began to share my faith in the Lord Jesus more actively with friends and family. I would soon see some of my beloved family members express that they had a personal trust in Jesus Christ for their salvation, and I saw others expressing interest! It was also becoming apparent that there was a calling to teaching and preaching upon my life and it was at this time that I started discussing seminary options with the current Senior Pastor of that time, Pastor Billy Crone. I am very grateful for his encouraging me to get biblical training.

Though it was difficult to move away from all of my beloved family members I had decided on heading out to Southern California to attend The Master’s Seminary led by Dr. John MacArthur. Through God’s grace and incredible provisions, I completed my training and earned my MDiv!

And now I am back in the Niagara area, and so amazingly blessed and thankful to be an elder here at the very church that was vital in my growth in the Christian faith. I am continuing to grow in my knowledge of Jesus Christ our Lord, and in my desire to teach and share His grace with others.