Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Niagara Frontier Bible Church is not only committed to the evangelization of our neighborhoods in the greater Niagara Frontier, but we see it as a part of the mandate of the local church to support global missions. Here are pictures of some of our missionaries and where they serve.

 Because we want to pray for every missionary, each week we will highlight a specific ministry to pray for. Please see information about this week's missionary at the bottom of the page!

From Top Left to Bottom Right: Gianluca and Sonia Pollutri - Florence, Italy; Pius Muzingu - Kampala, Uganda; Edgar and Rosann Feghaly - the Middle East; David and Lisa Grainge - the inner city in Philadelphia; Rod and Jaime Whitney - Word of Life Children and Teen's Ministries; Phil and Barbara Klumpp - Philippines; David and Beth Larson - International Students Incorporated; Tom and Janell Rohring - God's Rods (www.GodsRods.net); Niagara Gospel Mission (niagaragospelmission.org). 
Several times a year we host Mission Nights here at the church. Come and hear about what God is doing through our missionaries in bringing His Word to the World.

Tom McLaughlin and Cal Kern from the Niagara Gospel Mission joined us to share about the ministry there! Make sure to watch the April 24th Sunday Service below if you have not seen it yet!

please pray for our missionaries

                                                                                                                                      Call us for more info on our missionaries!


David and Beth Larson

Missionary of the week David and Beth Larson work with International
Students, INC. at Cornell University at Ithaca, NY as well as at other central NY schools, presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ to students who have come from other countries.  This includes Bible studies,
retreats and numerous other activities.  Pray for David and Beth as they prepare for an upcoming events and that many students will trust Christ as Savior through this ministry.

Encourage our active missionaries

Write and encouragement, question, or prayer and we'll connect you via email.